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India’s growth story is a shining one. Set to become the fourth largest economy of the world by the year 2025, it is a country that must boast of a robust Healthcare backbone that puts it at a number one spot on world’s health map.

EnsoCare are providers of world class healthcare diagnostics services in India. We have based the principles of our service delivery on the four pillars of a just healthcare system:

1)    Universal Access- Private Hospitals are thriving and the state of our flourishing economy is ensuring that the doors of these private institutions are open to the swelling middle class and not just to the upper classes who seek five star treatments even when it comes to health. This trend can also be attributed to the distrust in our government facilities. EnsoCare has timely detected this gap between the haves and the have-nots and is committed to ensure that the world class services of our Private hospitals does not remain limited in access to a mere 8-10 percent of the population. We are ensuring that a large network of healthcare centers and hospitals have our diagnostic equipment so nobody is denied the top class services based on their levels of affordability.Along with Punjab and Maharashtra which cover 10,000 hospital beds and a population of 140 million, our group is fast penetrating into other states to have a wider footprint across the country so as to benefit a large section of society.

2)    Fair distributionin terms of cost and reach- A 2013 UN report says that one third of world’s poorest people live in India. In wake of such a stark disparity amongst our citizens, EnsoCare feels responsible to reach out to the maximum number of people who have never imagined a preventivehealthcare service which is available free of cost. At our centers, those below the poverty line are not charged for the services. Scan charges at our centers are as per Central government health services (CGHS) rates for In Patients and the private patients too are charged below the prevalent market rates.

3)    Trained staff- Research and training are two givens in the healthcare sector and EnsoCare assures its benefactors a dedicated and sincere effort towards these two competencies. We lay special emphasis on equipping our staff and doctors not just with a sound technological knowledge but also empathy and accountability. Our centers are NABH credited.

4)    Special care for vulnerable groups- Children, Women, Disabled and Aged are those sections of our society that require special attention and personalized care. With the incidence of Breast and Cervical cancer on a rise to increasing sensitivity towards the specially abled, EnsoCare promises focused research and development that caters to these sections.

We are a group that surges ahead with an inclusive approach. We are in the business of putting smiles on the faces of those who are looking for affordable yet sophisticated preventive healthcare services.


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